HeyZoom started off as an idea by our CEO, who looked at the changing trends towards convenience, and wanted to be a part of it.He called in his Management team, where many hours were spent researching and deciding on whether to go ahead with his vision. Once a decision was made that we could provide a unique customer experience, the HeyZoom concept really zoomed into motion.

We went ahead and created a customer service portal, where a consumer could purchase a complete basket of groceries and household accessories on 1 comprehensive site.

The Management team used their various relationships to pull this together, negotiating a wide variety of products at great prices. Our goal was to create an easy, one-stop-shop website for busy individuals who would prefer their groceries delivered to them.

Our values

• Customer Centric operations where our customers are Kings and Queens.
• Community Centric : It is important to us to share our success with the communities that support us, by helping our less fortunate individuals and organisations.
• Operate with complete integrity and honour our promises.
• Create a sustainable and eco friendly work environment and business model for our colleagues and customers alike.

41 Churchill Avenue
Alex Park, Harare
+263 719 923 943
+263 782 297 100

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